About Vehicle



M 29C Weasel was on 6th of June 1944 the first coastal landing vehicle on Omaha beach in Normandy, 30 minutes after invasion begun.


History of Studebaker M 29 Weasel vehicle started in 1942, when allies HQ decided for huge airborne in Norway called “Plough”. The target should have been to destroy factory for heavy water so disable Nazis atom bomb production. The operation was involved herewith to the Manhattan project, in which scope was developed the U.S. atom bomb. Both had also top secret level and highest priority. About 2,000 to 4,000 mans should have been engage, equipped by special snow vehicles.   

By Studebaker was during half year developed M 29 Weasel for “Plough” operation. At the same time training of 1st special service Canadian - US group started in Colorado Camp Hale and in Canada, later known as “Black Devil’s brigade”. Training with vehicles started in half of 1942.


The final decision about “Overload” operation – disembark in Normandy - was made by the end of 1943. Therefore all other operations were stop, including “Plough” operation.


Even not in mass rate, the production of M 29 Weasel continued. From 1943 in version M 29 C. Vehicle was very popular with soldiers. After the World War 2 the vehicle served in Korea also and in French army under name “Le Crabee”.


Shown vehicle is M 29 C type, was made at the end of World War 2 and its marking is dedicated to the memory of 101st U.S. airborne division heroes.


Description and technical-tactical data:


Light airborne and patrol vehicle, also amphibian car after small modifications. Its dimensions, weight and also high crossing capability make possible air transport and also amphibian operations.


Engine: Studebaker 6-170 Champion, water cooled, gas, 6 cylinders, 65hp/3600rpm


Transmission: 3 speed gear box + secondary 2 speed reducing gear box


Length: 320.04 cm     Width: 167.64 cm       Height: 180.34 cm     Diameter: 27.94 cm


Weight: 1,800 Kg’s                Service weight: 2,548 Kg’s               Crew: 4 persons         


Driving: rear half-axle braking, mechanical wet brakes


Max. speed: 58 Km/h            Fuel tank: 132 l (35 gallon)    Trailing throttle: c. 280 Km